ALL IMAGES © 1978-PRESENT Paulien Tabak

Written permission required prior to any usage.


I am Paulien Tabak, a Dutch photographer, designer and artist. My years on the Academy for Art Education was a great opportunity for discovering many ways of looking at things and expressing myself. By delivering the morning paper I saved money for my first SLR camera in the late 70’s. From that moment on I’ve been taking pictures and processing them.

The camera changed, analog became digital, darkroom became Lightroom. But the essence does not change. Capturing the light is still as important as it was before. My love for this medium didn’t change either. Art and design are also fields of joy for me. Creating something nice and beautiful gives such a satisfaction!

So, when you want more information or a print of one of my photographs for your wall: send me a message.

Greetings, Paulien